Individuals must be allowed to make choices for themselves on how they live their lives.  Individuals have the right to live as they choose if it does not interfere with another's right to live as they wish to live.  



Law enforcement officials should be entitled to use measures to ensure others do not lose their life, liberty, or property as a result of force or fraud. Occasionally, the government uses force or fraud to take an individual’s life, liberty or property.


When government agencies attempt to deny an individual’s freedoms through administrative action (other than as a result of the individual’s criminal activity), that individual has the right to protest and to prosecute the actions of the individual in the government who initiated the action. 

No limited immunity will be provided to any government worker or law enforcement professional.  Everyone, even those in government, must be personally accountable for their actions.   



All members of society should have every opportunity to achieve economic success without government interference. Personal property rights are paramount. Government should only exist to protect those rights. Government cannot take property from individuals unless both parties mutually agree to the terms. That also means that the income tax must be abolished and replaced with a sale or use tax. That ensures that the government does not receive any money from an individual that was not agreed to by the individual.  


The government does not have the right to redistribute wealth.  Individuals may donate to charities that serve the lesser abled with the society.  Where the environment is concerned, individual property owners have the right to form conservation groups and sue industries that contaminate their land and air.  Also, an individual should not be forced to pay dues to any union as a condition of employment. 


Finally, an individual should be allowed to earn a living in whatever manner they chose, without government sanction or licensing, as long as they do not commit fraud or attempt to coerce individuals into purchasing goods or services. 



Education should be left to the free market.  The free market provides better quality, accountability, and efficiency that government simply cannot match.  It is the responsibility of the parents to fund their children’s education.   



Nothing should interfere with an individual’s right to own firearms. 

It is as fundamental as the right to vote.



It is the responsibility of the individual to purchase health care and save for retirement. This can be best taken of through private voluntary systems. When it comes to providing any type of service, the government is inefficient and wasteful.


The Social Security Administration will be phased out over the course of 30 years to protect those who have contributed a significant amount of their retirement funds toward their government pension.  




Funding for a strong military is key to keeping our country free. Any potential enemy must know that an attack on the United States (in any form) will result in the destruction of the aggressor’s ability to pursue their aggression.  Most of the funds that the government receives should go for that purpose.


The control of illegal immigration is also a national defense issue.  Our borders must be secure from any potential threat.  However, that cannot come at the expense of individual property owners along the border.  There must be good faith negotiations between landowners and the government on how to best achieve a safe and secure border while compensating landowners to the satisfaction of both parties. 


When it comes to those already in the United States illegally, there must be a pathway to citizenship.  Seasonal worker visas must also be made available to bolster our farming communities, and those season workers should receive preferential treatment if they desire to apply for citizenship.   



An individual should be able to vote for whomever they choose to fill government positions that the individual has a personal stake.  There should not be tax-funded subsidies for candidates and there should be no limitations on which parties may compete for any given election.   To prevent professional politicians or a DeFacto aristocracy, term limits should exist for all elected offices.  Those limits will be established by those individuals who the elected officials represent.